Fully equipped…


West Jutlanders aren’t given to boasting – rather the contrary – but we do think that our 26 brand-new luxury cottages aren’t too bad, really!

They’re fully equipped to house 6 people, and comprise a bathroom and toilet, two double bedrooms, a sleeping loft for a further two people, flat-screen TV, wireless Internet, a kitchen with combi oven, coffee machine, fridge and freezer-box and a full set of tableware, pots and pans, etc.
The covered wooden terrace comes complete with garden furniture, so you can eat outdoors while enjoying campsite life.


For the 2011 season, we set up a completely new community hall with room for 60 people. Perfect for family gatherings or large groups, when you want to eat or party together. Naturally, the hall has a spacious kitchen and crockery for 60 people.
The hall can be hired separately or as a bonus when renting 10 of our luxury cottages.
Please get in touch with us if you are planning a group event – then we can offer you a good deal.