Angling in Thyborön

On the map, known fishing grounds in the Limfjord and on the west coast are indicated with a line and an associated number. The places on the map have been selected based on the experiences of local anglers with fishing and the availability of the places.

Fishing holiday

The site’s unique location between sea and fjord makes Thyborøn Camping Hotel & Hytteby a natural choice for active anglers. Enjoy the fishing trip with friends or give the family an experience with a trip on the fjord aboard an old fishing cutter. A trip on the fjord can have different lengths.

Grab an overnight stay in our hotel rooms or in one of our cabins.

Fish on the hook - tips and tricks

You can find more information about fishing, descriptions of the individual fishing grounds, fishing tips and much more at or in the guide “Lystfiskeri i Limfjorden”, which is sold by us.

Fishing license

If you are between 18 and 65 years old, you must have a fishing license to fish with a rod and other gear in Denmark. The fishing sign can be bought online at or we can help you with it when you arrive.

Angling - by the Limfjord
and the North Sea

Thyborøn Camping, Hotel & Hytteby is located right at the Limfjord’s opening to the North Sea, and that makes us the natural choice for anglers. The opportunities for angling are unique and very versatile.


The western part of the Limfjord is an extensive system of small fjords, expansions, sound and coves. The area invites you to angling for the fjord’s coveted sea trout or other species such as hornfish and herring, and the coast and the surrounding nature form a unique setting for fishing in the Limfjord.


On the west coast, there is the possibility of fishing in rough nature and some of the best pier and hip fishing you can experience in Denmark. The west coast is also the starting point for sea fishing on the Yellow Reef and several tour boats are ready to take you out.


As a certified accommodation for anglers, we can guide you about the local fishing and we have, among other things, facilities such as a cleaning area and the possibility of freezing individual fish.

Fishing trips by skip

We organize fishing trips by ship, in collaboration with Ivan’s angling M/S NEMO and Per Jensen M/S Emma Line.

The trips can be organized according to your wishes.

There is a catch guarantee!

You can book fishing trips from 4 hours to 5 days in the North Sea and sailing trips according to your wishes in the Limfjord or the North Sea.

The booking of fishing trips and sailing trips directly with the skippers. Angling associations and other groups can obtain further information about options and prices from:


M/S Bodil og Muddi
Per Jensen
T: (+45) 97 83 27 66

M/S Nemo
Ivans Lystfiskeri
T: (+45) 53 37 22 22

Free entrance to swimcenter etc.

Enjoy – as an overnight guest at the campsite and in the cabin town, you have free entry to Wærket’s (Thyborøn Hallens) new great facilities.


Ball hall for all kinds of ball games, badminton & table tennis NB: Only seasonally open summer & related public holidays


Indoor pool with waterslide, children's pool, swimming pool, hot water pool and wellness area with sauna and steam bath


The local gym


Indoor playground for the little ones
Only open seasonally!