Attractions in Thyborøn

Culture and nature right at the doorstep…

Thyborøn is a cosy little fishing town on the remote North Sea coast, so you can experience the rough, unspoilt beauty of West Jutland right on your doorstep. Thyborøn has a great many things to show – for children and adults alike.

Coast Centre Thyborøn (You can buy combi-tickets for the Coast Centre and the Jutland Aquarium.)
Jutland Aquarium (You can buy combi-tickets for the Coast Centre and the Jutland Aquarium.)
Sea War Museum/Memorial Park (You can buy combi-tickets for the Jutland Aquarium and the Sea War Museum.)
Fishing day in Thyborøn
The harsh and majestic North Sea
Go exploring in Thyborøn with a GPS
Amber safari
Seal safari
Oyster safari
Amber Åge (Amber collection)
Sneglehuset (The Snail Shell)
Fishing auction for tourists every Wednesday in the summer season
Salt water Put and Take
Denmark’s best bathing beach (if we do say so ourselves!)
A tour of the town with Spætten (the Flounder)
Natural spaces in and around Thyborøn
Horse riding by the sea
Experience Denmark’s newest church
Candle making
Sea angling from boat or pier
Unspoilt areas for nature lovers / Hiking
Good surfing opportunities
Canoeing and kayak rowing
VLTJ (take a trip on a small railway train to Lemvig)
Fitness centre (tickets available here at the camping site)
Routes and paths for cycling and running
Sports gyms
Good shopping facilities
Active fishing harbour/harbour milieu
Active holidays
Recreational grounds/sports fields
Mini golf
Bird life
Manicure and pedicure clinics
Boat marina with slipway
Model aeroplane and kite flying
Activities and shopping within easy walking distance
If you have any questions about these things, feel free to contact us, and we will do whatever we can to help you.